World Surprised with 500 years frozen girl in Argentina

The world has surprised with 500-years frozen girl’s mummy found in Argentina. The mummy was found by the geological scientists in the base of a volcano which has been quite for a long time. According to the research by the scientists the Inca girl was left to live with the gods in the mountains.

More research by the scientists has revealed that the Inca Tribes in Argentina were used to sacrifice their small girls like that. The girls were sent to live with the gods to please them inside the volcano. It was done whenever the mountains were used to get angry. It was a weird Argentinean tradition followed more than 500 hundred years ago.

There are several tribes in the Argentina still living under the volcano mountain ranges. However, the discovery of 15-year old Inca girl was the most surprising discovery about the tribes. There are several other weird traditions linked with the past of the tribes which are come into study after the geological research.

The geological research about the Inca tribes has told that the innocent small girls were used to please the volcano gods in the Argentina. Tourists from all parts of the country have started to come to these beautiful mountain ranges which have many other hidden stories form the past.

The studies of the Inca tribes by Geological experts are also very useful for the students of history as well. Also the study about the volcano history will reveal more secrets on the life of tribes in mountains. There are several secrets of tribes’ life in Argentina which still has to surprise the world.

Frozen Girl


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