Women mistreats man in Lahore metro Bus

A group of women has found treating a man shamefully in Lahore metro bus. There was some miscommunication between the passengers which becomes unpleasant incident with them. The incident was captured on mobile and was shared on the social media as well.

Lahore metro bus was already not very much popular in the public. Only the public in favor of the government was happy on the competition of the project. Most of the public in Lahore was unhappy because of losing their properties to the metro project. There were several properties lost during the completion of the project.

The business activities in the city were also badly disturbed due to the Lahore metro bus project. Unhappy businessmen in Lahore become angrier when the train project was started. The train project has also become a big hurdle for the residents of the city. Like the bus project has totally turned out a failure. Public predicts that the train project will also become a failure for the government.

Government of Punjab has been facing a lot of criticism because of the Lahore metro bus project and the train project. There was a huge corruption involved in the project as well. The national accountability department has recently started a huge investigation on both projects.

Public reaction tells that people are not ion the favor of such huge projects in the city. The city does not needs such huge projects but needs education and health facilities. In absence of basic needs of life, projects like Lahore metro bus always becomes a failure.

Girls in Metro Bus Lahore

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