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Wired sea creature baffles public on California beach

A weird Sea creature appearing near the California beach has baffled Americans last week. The strange creature washed up on the sea beach in amerce after a massive storm. The news was aired all over country showing pictures of the weird creature.

Strange gossips were heard from the people living beside the California beach area. The findings of marine life in America were also unable to describe about the weird creature. It was not the first time that the Americans had to surprise. However, there was not any kind of serious issue in the city.

Large scale rescue operations were already started in California beach after the storm had struck. The heavy storm in sea left many Americans homeless. Aftereffects of such storms anywhere in America always become drastic. Especially California faces such condition almost every year.

Americans living in the danger zone near the sea was already asked to move out of the area. Weather authorities in America had informed public about the storm developing on the California beach.  Many people avoided the warnings by weather department and had to face serious damages. Government has also announced relief package for people who were affected with the heavy storm at night.

All over America people were getting conscious about the weird creature and wanted to know the realty. A large number of Americans also believes that it was an alien found on the beach. The weird creature on California beach was first discovered by a nineteen year old boy who took pictures and shared on social media.

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