Wild Elephants suffer badly in West Bengal state

Wild elephants once again have suffered very badly in the Indian state of West Bengal. The latest incident taken place in India has rated as one of the biggest in the last few years. Two animals have lost lives and two had suffered badly in the incident.

The small Incidents all over India have also increased in the recent times. The west Bengal railway authorities were also fined by the government. According to the investigations, the latest incident has occurred with wild elephants due to exceeding the speed limit in the danger zone. The railways driver had crossed the limits allowed by the authorities and that caused the serious incident.

The railway drivers all over west Bengal has found in similar acts during night traveling. Night travelling in India has always caused serious problems with the wild animals. Especially, the wild elephants have suffered most in such incident than the other animals in the forests in Bengal.

A huge population of wild elephants lives in the Indian state of west Bengal. All over India, the animal right organizations are in serious efforts to tell the people about importance of animals in the forests. The Elephants have a special bonding with the Indian religion as well.

The authorities all over India have also started a public education campaign about the safety of the wild animals. If the animals will survive in the forests of India, the natural beauty will also remain intact. The Wild elephants are also part of the forest natural beauty all over West Bengal.

Four elephants before speeding train in India

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