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Wild Elephants Population suffers in Bengal

Two male wild elephants lost lives including two getting critical wounds in a serious train crash in Western Bengal. Such incidents with the elephants have become very often around the railway tracks in India. Especially in the west Bengal, Elephant population has become bigger than any other Indian state.

The Wildlife authorities in India have started special program to save the innocent lives of Wild elephants all over India. The program will be effective especially in western Bengal whether such incidents were occurring very regularly. On an average estimate by the wildlife department of India, the average suffering of animals in that region was higher than anywhere in the world.

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The wildlife department in western Bengal has also taken measures to make the railway tracks safer for animals in the forest. Not only the wild elephants but several other animals were also suffering badly. Animals cannot realize the difference between the safe and danger zone. However, the authorities in west Bengal can make the tracks safer.

The railway authorities in Western Bengal have also made some changes in rail train speed limits. All over India, the railway drivers will drive very carefully in areas where wild elephants lives. Such measures will also reduce the animal incidents all over country.

India has become one of biggest animal rights violators in the world as well. Western Bengal regular incidents have played a big role in this regard as well. The Wild Elephants suffering in Indian state has to be monitored very closely and seriously.

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