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Wild animals mistreated by Indians

Undeniably, human being is responsible for cruel slaying of wild animals. They are not only slaying to animals but also capturing them for their own benefits. Sometime human being is involved in all these activities knowingly and sometime they did not know what they are going to do against animals.

Some shocking footage of wild animals have become viral in Social media these days. The footage’s contain many innocent animals getting very inhuman treatment from the Indian citizens. Many animal rights organizations and wildlife activists in the world have started speaking very harshly on Indians watching these things.


Some countries in the world have asked government of India to stop inhuman behavior of its citizens with the animals. Wild animals are used by the Indians very inhumanly and very harshly. These are used for different services in the daily life. Many animals are getting very inhuman treatment during the services. Even sometimes they are not fed properly and left into the wildlife forest after they are not able to work.

Wildlife parks all over the world are setup for the sake for securing animals. Wild animals living in the animal parks are considered safer than the other places. However, in India, these things are totally going against the rights of animals. Indian citizens are taking a lot of benefits under the shade of animal parks. Many animal parks in India have become a place like jail for the innocent animals.

Indian citizens must realize that the animals also have rights to live a peaceful life. Animals cannot speak or complain but they are heard somewhere. Wildlife parks are for the safety of animals but not using them inhumanly.

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