Wife caught her husband at airport

At one of famous airport in India, wife caught her husband with red handed with his girlfriend. getting caught in such condition becomes problem for the man initially but what happen next was surprising for everyone. The video became viral when someone recorded the whole conversation at airport and uploaded it on all internet portals including facebook, dailymotion and youtube. Off course, it was not right to upload the video of the couple because it was their personal matter and it should be kept in privacy but in vain.

People often do it especially teenagers are at the top list who do it for their fun but they do not know as at what level their fun can create the problems for those people. It is not the first private video that is uploaded on the internet there are also many others which uploaded and then got viral in seconds. Actually people upload it as it gets more coverage than any other videos and also make more money when users tune it repeatedly.

The video of Amir Liaqat was also very much tuned and searched on the internet when his disputed got viral on internet some years before. It was also mischief by one of his cameramen who secretly made the video which was off the record and uploaded on the internet. When it got viral it broke the whole records of viewership on the internet.

It was also happened with one of another famous media channel of Pakistan with the name of Dunya. Its whole program was hacked by some cameramen whole made the video when they were off the record. They also recorded the whole discussion which they were discussing with one another and in the next day they uploaded it on the internet. It also became viral and it also shook the whole channel badly including its owner named Mian Amir.

The hosts personalities also got fired, one was at the same time and other one had to leave the channel after some months. People do it sometimes for the fun and sometimes to take the revenge but it shook the whole word to which it relates.

Same was the situation with this couple as they were busy in their dispute at airport and someone was busy to make their video. They definitely did not know as they were being followed by a cameraman. So this video would also be directly affected to all three members’ personal lives.

Husband Caught with GF

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