Why earthquakes come, Maulana Tariq Jameel Explains

Why earthquakes come and why other natural disasters happen in this world. Is the answer of science right about the earthquakes? They say as some plates are settled after sometimes due to which the whole world start to move. Sometime it harsh and sometime it low but the shaking of earth is necessary.

Well, then have a look on the Islamic history in which we all have listened one incident of Hazrat Umer R.A who was the leader of first of first ages after Prophet Muhammad. It was the reign of Hazrat Umer when earth started to shake badly and was not stopping.

Hazrat Umer R.A just beat one lash on it and said to earth why you are not jolting? He further said as could Hazrat Umer R.A not provide the law of justice on you. There were the sayings of Hazrat Umer and earth stopped to shake.

Maulana tariq Jameel was describing this incident and were trying to shake this dead nation who has become the lover of western culture. He is trying to understand all of Muslims as they have no need to select their leader as you have very wonderful and supreme leader in the form of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH).

He further tries by his sayings as we have no need to read the books for ruling as we have very great book in the form of Holly Quran. According to him, these natural disasters only come as we have forgotten our originality and started to follow other cultures which do not suit us at all.

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