Weird creature found in Mediterranean Sea Karachi

Some days ago, there was very big and weird creature came out from the Mediterranean Sea in the coast of Mumbai. Off course, people would never see this giant weird creature before and they only would have their dream to see it in their real life. It was very pleasant Day of Summer and they were all rejoicing and celebrating their summer day. They were all engrossed in their activities when they heard something strange noise from the sea.

According to tourists, they were firstly somewhat nervous and took it as tsunami which shook all of us at the beginning. However, it shook to all of us who were at the seashore and were busy in their activities. All people were gathered there and started to watch that weird creature that was coming out of the seawater. It was too enormous to watch in single glance as it was also creating problems and fixing the minds of people regarding its identity.

There were some mixed ideologies started to evolve in minds as some were started to take it as big hidden ship or someone started to claim as unknown fish or some weird creature of sea. People also started to save their children from that might creature as it was dead or motionless yet they adopted precautionary measurements.

On the other hands, female tourists were also frozen to their places and even had not power to move a single step. The present condition can be narrated as they never saw such a big and weird creature in their lives or they had been frightened from it, however they were confused very much and not able to describe their feelings.

Hardly about one hour spent, when media also take on the place and started to cover the area with their activities. They started to take reviews from the tourists and other people who were working to carry that big creature. People also started to share their views as most of them also admitted as they never had seen like a huge and might creature in their lives.

Especially regarding seawater as they only had seen fish that had normal sizes but that one was really enormous and enough to open anyone’s eyes. There was also one foreigner who came from London named Joe, he also shared his views and he was also very excited to see such a big fish or anything else. Unfortunately, there was no one there who had any idea about the name of turned up creature at that time.


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