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Weird act of Pet Animal astonishes London Public

People were astonished to see a Bengal cat walking on the water bed a few days ago in London. It would definitely make you surprised including holding your breath on what she has done. Yes, we are not here for fun but with serious discussion which has been captured in camera. It is definitely not funny in any way. That cat was feeling curious peculiar and she was also very perplexed after seeing the pool cover.

In this given video which has been viewed about 5 million times from the day first when it has been uploaded on youtube. That cat tries a lot of time for going from the boat and also tries to walk on the water. Unfortunately, she could not distinguish between water and pool cover. When she tries to jump in, her paws sinks and in the next step she went backwards.

That Bengal call did not step forward as she had thinking as she might have drowned. Everybody who has seen the video did not give positive remarks on it. It was done only due to the owner who was not giving powerful care to cat. All people criticized on the careless behavior of owner as what he was waiting for. According to people, owner should have pushed to cat away from she wanted to go.

Actually, in most of the time, she remains in this effort to figure as whether it is water or cover. It is also obvious as all cats do not think about what they would happen with them in the next step as she did. The point is as what is the reason to record the video as cat was very near to be drowned. But, it is also very amazing as cat is fine after jumping the water and also has crossed the water safely.

In the given video, it can be seen how she checks the water firstly. After passing the time in checking process, she jumped in the water and crossed the water miraculously. It was definitely obvious for all watchers who have not seen it before.

All watchers who had seen all video, they were annoyed to owner of the cat who was not giving intention to the cat. He was sitting besides and was not paying heed towards her. According to viewers, he would have pay attention to cat to save cat from drowning in the water. In the end, they all were also surprised with amazing stunt of cat.



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