Wasim Akram, Master of Swing Bowling art

It was always a special delight to watch Wasim Akram, the star Pakistani Fast Bowler attacking the batsmen whey gets going. There would not be any fan of the cricket on the planet earth, which never herds of the star cricketer from Pakistan. He was also known as Swing Ka Sultan.

Wasim Akram dominated the fast bowling from very beginning of his carrier. The famous in-Swing and out-Swing Yorkers of the cricketer were a deadly weapon against any top batsman of the world. In any cricket match, his delivery backed by the lethal weapon made him the ultimate wicket taker for his captain.

Waqar Younis, the other counterpart of Wasim Akram made the most lethal pair of bowling attack ever in the cricket history. The star cricketer won many matches against every team as a fast bowler along with Waqar Younis.  He was a new bowler in every new match during his entire carrier. Akram was known the best all-rounder in the world. He was a pillar of blowing in Pakistan team. For a long period of time, it was only Akram, backbone for Pakistani fast bowling attack.

Winning the cricket matches was a habit for the star fast bowler. Wasim Akram was one of the key players in 1992 team who won the world cup for Pakistan. The fast bowler dominated the fast bowling attack in the entire world cup event. The Pakistan cricketer was man of the match in the finals and also grabbed the man of the series award.

When Imran Khan, the famous star cricketer of Pakistan and former captain left the game after world cup in 1992, it was Akram who gathered the team under his captaincy. The fast bowler not only guided the team in difficult time but also set a path for youngsters. Wasim Akram, The Swing ka Sultan will be remembered in the history of Pakistan Cricket forever.

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