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Viral video about Indian farmer

Here we are going to share one viral video about Indian farmer to whom very humorous news has been spread. According to reporters, Indian farmer is making money by cultivating the pearls. So it is definitely too much hilarious as how simple Indian farmer can cultivate to pearls. On the other hand, Indian farmers also have issues about their fields that are going to be affected due to dryness.

So one of private Indian channel decided to go in the depth of this matter and knew the reality. So they went to one farmer who was involved in the business of making pearls on his farm. According to sources, people have started to leave their jobs even some advocates also have abandoned their practices and started their own work to make pearls on their farms.

So that Indian channel reached to that specific Indian farmer who is running his business from last several months. It does not require as much place as any other business to run as it only requires one simple pound in which they start their business but by using some precious methods. When they were reached to that person he was already there and he did not reluctant to tell about his business.

Before reaching there, they also saw one viral picture on the media and internet as well. It was the photo which indicates to one diamond placed in cup shaped structure. Below the picture they also had pasted some narration as farmer is getting pearls from the pound that has its width and length of 10 x 10. It was very amazing and astonishing for the listeners all around the world.

When they reached to that farmer, he told the whole story about making pearls. He told as he firstly got cup shaped structure which is called sippi in his area. He very smartly opens it up with some instruments. One thing which is necessary to mention as that sippi is also animal in which he placed one specific stone by using specific methods.

When he placed one stone in that cup shaped structure animal, he puts it in it for eighteen months and then douses it in the water after binding sippi with a rope. The quality of pearls is directly related to the lives of the animals. The more the life of the animal, the better the quality of the pearls, it is said by the Indian farmer.

Farmer earns Lakhs 

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