TV Show: Ilyas Qadri’s Conversation with a Jinn

Ilyas Qadri, a religious person who has a huge number of followers, attended a TV show and talked with a jinn which seems to be something unusual. Many people consider him a fake peer and call him attention seeker because of his activities. However, this religious person is famous for his unusual things that make him a topic of discussion in both serious and humorous manner.

Humorous is because he tells stories like how to hang bananas on the wall and calls it an Islamic way. Many people believe that Ilyas Qadri does such things just to grab attention of media and he is successful in it especially on social media channels. Many of his stunts bring smile on the faces of people as he talks about those things which are completely unimportant.

He always grabs attention of people in maximum possible way as his stunts become viral on social media channels like youtube, dailymotion and especially on facebook. Ilyas Qadri, who is known as a religious person but is famous for his unusual talks on completely unusual topics, pretends to be talking with a jinn.

He is famous for his unusual preaching on different things like how to eat a banana, which seems something unimportant at the initial view.

However, Ilyas Qadri has a huge fan following and many of his followers blindly believe whatever he says about different things.

Ilyas Qadri Talking to a Jinn