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Tusk Hunters makes life miserable for wild elephants

Everywhere in the world, tusk hunters have made life of wild elephants miserable. Hundreds and thousands innocent animals become victim of illegal trade of Tusks every year. Trading of elephant tooth has banned all over the world. Especially inhumanity with innocent wildlife has increased in India.

However, in some African countries and India, Tusk hunters has seen active despite legal bans. These hunters are hunting the wild elephants every day escaping from eyes of authorities. Whenever they are caught is given very strict punishments. All over the world, authorities have made special laws for the sake of wildlife safety.

Wildlife organizations all over the world are trying serious efforts to save the wild elephants from the tusk hunters. Elephant Tusk related all other businesses have also banned all over the globe as well.  Some people in Africa were also becoming victim of these elephant hunters. Not knowing the real conditions. Innocent Africans were taking life of animals in the forests.

However, wildlife organizations have started educating the African people living in forests. They are told about reality of tusk hunters and their inhumanity for the sake of money. These African people were paid a very small amount to hunt the wild elephants and the hunters were earning big selling tusks.

Wildlife all over the world faces serious disasters because of wild elephants hunting. Tusk hunting and skin hunting of other animals has made serious damage to the nature. Even in some countries, elephant population has decreased due to tusk hunters.

Elephant Tusks

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