Tusk Hunters becomes biggest problem for wild elephants

Elephant Tusk hunters have become biggest danger for the animals in wildlife forests. Wild elephants are facing inhumanity all over the world by the people who have curse of money. Sometimes examples have seen when animals are treated in worsts ever way to remove their tusks.

Especially, Indians are seen doing worst treatment to the wild elephants than rest of the world. Many Indians have become tusk hunters to earn easy money from the forests. Wildlife and nature faces serious danger because of these people who do not have mercy on innocent animals. Lives of innocent animals are taken every day in Indian forests.

Video: http://upsidestory.com/R1E67

Activities of tusk hunters were under monitoring by the wildlife authorities all over the world. For the sake of population of wild elephants in forests all over the world some new laws are also made. Laws were made not only against the hunters but the trades related to the animals were also banned in many countries.

Wildlife organizations in many countries have started to work efficiently for the sake of wild animals. It has seen that wild elephants are becoming victim of tusk hunters in Asian countries and African continent more than the west. Animal rights organizations in west have protected the rights of wild animals in west.

Wildlife organizations in Asian countries are also needed badly to save the life in nature. The natural beauty of forests has been getting destroyed because of massive hunting activities against innocent animals like wild elephants. The Tusk Hunters all over world must be given strict punishments to protect the animal rights.

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