Trials being Muslim People faces in India

An Indian Mother takes her life along with her two children to escape from her husband. Husband was reported to have been mistreating her and two children very badly since very long time. The tragic incident was reported in India times last week. The incident has spread a lot of scarcity in people all over India.

When we are abroad people of Pakistan do not know as being a Muslim how many trials we face and have to answer which are definitely not linked with Islam.

Once, it was asked by one person in abroad as how do you (Muslim) celebrate the New Year while obeying the Islamic lines. It was the question which put in the world of surprised as he was too much learned German friend and it was New Year’s Eve in Sweden.

When it was asked by the German, the Muslim fellow immediately wanted to explain as not everything which happen in Pakistan, could not linked with Islam but he remained quiet.

According to him, Muslim fellow, he reminds everything which happens in Pakistan including television commercials, Ramadan transmissions, Islamic banking, Shariah complaints products and many others which aired on several TV channels.

He also reminds numbers of ostentatious spectacles that perpetually drag to religion into everything when it happens in Pakistan. So, the reality opens at him as he is the right to ask me such questions to me regarding my culture and the religion. So being a Muslims when we see the political issues, social problems with historical reasons.

One may land up while having the most absurd situations in Pakistan but I did not. According to him, when one is find absence of religious freedom in many Muslims societies, it makes him to next for impossible of being deviate from all written and unwritten rules which force to behave in Muslims way.

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