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Stuntman puts his life at risk

Only 21 year old ready himself to perform one of dangerous stunts in one of live shows. Boy also had shown many of stunts in front of numbers of people in his multiple shows but this one was definitely extraordinary. He shows firstly how he puts his arm in the mouth of crocodile and instantly gets it back before closing the jaws of crocodile.

According to management, it was the first time when one reptile was included to show stunts. They also told to media persons as it belonged to American race which were considered too dangerous for even stunts purposes. It was further enhanced the poor knowledge of the media person as that crocodile was only tames for simpler stunts.


Boy was also being looked as he was used to these types of animals especially related to reptile family. However, it was also announced as this reptile in the form of crocodile was never seen in the whole world to perform like this way. When it was asked about the frightened intensity about crocodile to the stuntman, he also admitted it.

According to him, crocodile never behaves like other animals as these animals can never tamed very well. He first checks the jaw of tamed crocodile by tapping his hand many times so that it did not close the jaw. Boy was trained for this especially to show this stunt to all his watchers. He completely checks the mouth before entering his arm in crocodile’s mouth.

It was a tragic happened with him when he put his hand in the mouth of crocodile, this time he was not lucky more. When he inserts his arm in the mouth, crocodile closed her mouth and started to rotate like in water. He starts to rotate as it rotates when it got its prey in water in open water. Boy was trapped badly as his arm was in crocodile’s mouth.

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