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Stunt turns into mishap with crocodile

One 21 year old boy was very perfect and veteran in showing stunts, captured by crocodile when he puts his hand in the mouth of crocodile. It was the time to perform stunts in numbers of people and this stunt was announced at high peak.

People were gathered there in large number to show this big stunt by 21 year old boy. According to reporters, that boy was very good stuntman and also had played many stunts with other animals but this time was crocodile rather than any other animal.

On the stage, he comes and do ready to crocodile also as crocodile opened its mouth as much as it can. Boy was checking the crocodile as it would not closed the mouth when he would insert his arm in the mouth.

According to boy, crocodiles are not listed as very well tamed as other animals can be. He was already afraid for any mishap as it was the first one stunt with crocodile in the rest of the world. So when he put his arm in the mouth to get out it quickly.

But it was also crocodile and it closed the mouth before getting out of the arm. Crocodile started to rotate its body as it did when it got prey in the water. Management rushed towards boy to save his life and got the boy from the firm grip of crocodile.

Crocodile Challenge

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