Stepmother and Little Child Relation surprises World

Mother establishes history of oppression with her own child. There would be no mother of her types in the whole world. Mother is also said as the most sincere entity to her children in the whole world. However, here is the whole matter is seen totally reversed. You can see how one mother is bathing to her new born baby.

After watching the video you can declare it the most dangerous and careless way to treat her new born baby. It was hardly about 3-4 days baby to whom her mother was bathing carelessly. She holds her from his arms and started to rotate like 3-4 year old children. He started to weep baby but she did not care and completed her whole process.

There are many people who leave their comments on this video which was uploaded on multiple internet portals. They firstly condemned to that woman who was doing this in brutal ways. However, there were also some people who named it as publicity stunt and nothing else. According to them, it was not the baby but plastic toy and voice was produced from background.

There are also some people who say as she was not her mother but may be his parents’ maid. According to them, it is only done by such types of people otherwise parents cannot do that in reality. However, there is also third section of people who say as it was all pre-planned project in which everything was fake and it did to drag traffic over youtube channel.

They further said as the video maker made it wonderfully and he had got in millions viewers on his channel that was the task in which he/she succeeded. They further say as there are many people who try such things to attract people’s attentions and they get traffic on their youtube channel and make money.

Stepmother and Little Child Relation

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