Social Experiment in America becomes popular

Social Experiment of Indian girl has become popular all over India. It was a public awareness campaign started by university students to guide the people about some problems in the Indian society. There were mix felling and reaction form the public on the experiment.

It was an interesting way of doing the social experiment by the university students. A female student dressed in a bathrobe went into different public places in India. Watching the lady, there were different reactions from the public. Several also reacted weirdly towards the lady as well.

Overall it was a very helpful social experiment to guide people about the problems in the Indian society. There are several problems in the Indian society which are needed to be addressed. University students in India often try such things to teach people and most often they become successful.

Such experiments are very common all over India by the students of different institutions. Not only the Indian University students but the students all over the world use the social experiment in similar way to guide people about problems of life. Suing such way to teach people can become a very useful medium of teaching.

Taking example of the University students in India, students in Pakistan can also highlight several problems of the society. Students can become a healthy part of the society by taking such incentives to teach people about different problems. Social experiment can become an inexpensive way of guiding people in the society about several things as well.