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Social Experiment got viral with London Girl

It was just the experiment with one of London Girl who was sitting on bench in one of London Parks. According to the man who was going to be part of this experiment, he wanted to know the views of the people regarding Muslim community. He did it very nicely and left very wonderful lesson.

According to the young boy named Karim, he said he decided to make an experiment with one of London Girl. He went in the park where he saw one girl who was sitting on bench and waiting for her girlfriend. He went near to her and gave permission to be sat on that bench.

She allows him to be sat on the same bench. He started to talk with that London Girl in London Park. He asked her as could he talk with her until her friend did not come. She gave him green signal and both started to talk each other.

After having some talk, he said to her as she was very beautiful and he wanted to have friendship with her. He further added as he had hope as she would not forbid him for having friendship. Before it he confirmed from her as the coming friend is not male. So he also praised her a lot as she had gorgeous looking.

He also asked her about her cell phone. The whole matter shattered into pieces when that London Girl asked him his name. He said his name is Karim, she confirms him again about the name. He said him as it is Muslim name. It was the last word from the boy when she started to cry and asked him to delete her number. She said she disliked Muslim.

Would You Date A Muslim-” 

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