Social Experiment in American Society goes Viral

Social Experiment footage of an Indian lady has become viral in the social media in India. It was an experiment arranged on the day of a common sickness awareness program by a group of university students. Several people in the society were shocked as well looking at a young lady dressed in bathrobe in weird condition.

The Indian lady was walking in different public places wearing a bathrobe. However, it was all part of their social experiment to teach people about the sickness. The experiment has become an extreme success all over India. People have also appreciated the effort of the university students. Some people having bad thinking have taken the experiment on the other way as well. They have criticized the effort of students.

Watch Video:

University students in India often do such type of Social experiment awareness programs. Sometimes they are successful in giving out the message. Despite failure more often they try again and again to teach people. With continuous efforts of the students, several positive changes have seen in Indian society.

Looking at the University students in India, Students in Pakistan should also take such incentives. Using a social experiment to guide people about problems of the society can become a useful way. In such a way people can be given good lessons of the society without showing any extraordinary effort and expense.

It was a very brave effort from the university students in India. Such things can be very useful if they are used in a proper way. Social experiment of any kind has considered being most effective and inexpensive way of teaching people.