Shopkeeper misbehaves with beggar

Shopkeeper misbehaves with beggar very badly when he sees him before his shop. He was very rude with him as he never spared him whenever he used to see him sleeping before his shop. He was beggar and even does not had any proper residence to pass the night.

He was in rags and smell was generated from his rags due to which he got much annoyed to see him every morning. However, he does not know as how useful he was for the shopkeeper. Shopkeeper always finds him sleeping in front of his shop every morning and it really irritated him.

One day, he opened his shop as a routine but did not find him. It was really strange for him as he started to see him here and there. In the next day, he again did not find and it was really shocking to him. Then his next neighbor told him in hidden words as he would never come back to you.

These words were touching for him and he decided to see him on CCTV camera. He was surprised as he used to protect his shop from burglars. He also saved his shop from any other people who had wrong intention with his shop.

Actually he had been died while protecting his shop from burglars and it made him cry when he noticed as how he was useful for him. he really started to weep and his tears were on the floor after watching whole video of beggar.

Beggar out side Store