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Shocking Incident at wildlife Park in America

Very interesting wildlife fight was taped by one visitor between Monkey and Tiger. Everybody knows very well about the mischievous behavior of Monkey as it never refrains from wrongdoings. It always remains in this effort to tease any other animal near to him. Either it will be found to busy in mischief with other animals or with its own creed.

When it talks about the behavior of Monkey, there are many phrases developed related to Monkey like some time to monkey around and etc. These phrases are made by some experts after passing time in zoo while seeing to Monkeys in their cages. When some people had little animal research on primates including chimpanzees, monkeys, apes and orangutans, they gave the list some of smartest animals in the world.

According to them, they said as human beings are not the smartest creature around the world. It was the era of 1960s, when one researcher named Jane Goodall made a research on Chimpanzee and proved it as it could also use stick to hunt ants if they would bite to him. There was another wildlife animal named Koko, a lowland gorilla.

According to researcher, she has ability to learn about 1,000 sings with ability to understand more than 2,000 words of English. It was not enough as she also has ability to initiate the conversation with the human beings. According to scientists, a normal human has his IQ about 100 and that gorilla had its IQ about 70-95 that was awesome.

Going back to wildlife fight between Monkey and Tiger, it was very interesting as monkey was busy to teas tiger. Tiger was the animal of another instinct; it only knows to attack and hunt but did not know the trick which monkey could play with him. People all over America were shocked with incident.

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