Shameful act of burying baby girl in India

There was very shocking story breaks at that time when one three days old baby girl tried to bury alive by their heads. Fortunately, it saved when one farmer came to his field for work. He found one baby girl buried alive in his field. He saves her and brought her up from the dig.

When some media groups arrived there they found that three days old girl alive. This incident happened in the city named Burhanpur in district Madhya Pradesh. That farmer also called to police after rescuing the girl and he also shifted that baby girl in Hospital.

When one channel arrived there they asked the farmer how they rescued that baby. He said when he arrived there he heard some voices of baby crying so he started to follow the sound and got the baby. They also visited ward where that baby was admitted.

Doctor gave them console as she was very well after getting first aid. Police registered FRI against unknown persons. They are also trying to find out the parents of the girl who buried it alive. This incident shocked to whole world when it came on social media.

According to one of report, in the district of incident the female ratio is too much against the males. So parents want to get son when they failed, they start to bury them alive. Chief Minister of BJP also addressed to the people to assure them as their governments would equally treat the both males and females.

Girl rescued after being buried alive

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