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Scientists Preserves Bodies of Real Babies

Everybody has little bit understanding about the mermaid. Some knows very well about the character of mermaid and some do not know very well. Although, there would be very less in this world who would not have the understanding of mermaid. In recent days, one group of scientists visited under seawater for their own research purpose regarding fishes.

When they came back on earth, they went in their offices to discuss about the output of their visit. It was shocking to all of them as they did not notice one live mermaid like animal in the sea. It was happened at time when they were busy in their work and could not notice to that animal. Even it knocked at glass to get attention.


Actually, after having visit in deep sea, all scientists view their whole movie as what they have done underwater. They want to view again it and try to find out mistakes which they commit unknowingly. They want to stop those mistakes so that they can save them from any mishap in future. However, it was great news for all of them and the people around the world.

People always have heard and watch about the mermaid on the features and movies. Nobody has seen the real mermaid until now. All stories did not have any real touch but now it seems as it is going to be true with the effort of scientists. They have again planned to visit that such place where they got the clue of that creature.

Right now, it is an assumption as it would be mermaid as they are also not sure about the creature. However, after watching the video it come thought of mermaid as that creature was very similar to mermaid. People also have shown a good gesture when they found the news of real mermaid share by some group of scientists.

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