Salman Taseer Daughter issue becomes more controversy

The Issue of Salman Taseer Daughter has become very much discussed these days. There was a presses note by the daughter of ex-governor Punjab after capital punishment. The followers of Mumtaz Qadri have answered the allegations raised by his daughter.

Mumtaz Qadri has been awarded with capital punishment a few days ago. He was charged with taking life of Salman Taseer. The ex-governor Punjab used some harsh words in media which become reason to create a lot of anger in public. Several other people had also talked in the issue in media. However, some have totally unconcerned with the controversy.

The Controversy f Salman Taseer and Mumtaz Qadri was one of the biggest tensions in Pakistan in recent times. Unfortunately the TV and media have not covered the matter properly. The government has used all types of resources to keep the matter away from public. There was a lot of concern in the people about the matter.

It was also seen that the funeral ceremony of Mumtaz Qadri was attended by millions of people in Rawalpindi. Unlike the funeral ceremony of Salman Taseer few years back. A very few people in the government had attended the last ceremony of ex-governor Punjab.

Mumtaz Qadri was arrested right after the Incident in Lahore. He remained at Jail and was trailed in the court of Law. Religious powers in the country had been trying to save his life but nothing had worked. Qadri was awarded capital punishment in the crime of taking life of Salman Taseer.


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