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Saddam Lives in Hearts of Arab People

Traditional camel race festival in Dubai has started with a lot of attendance once again in the desert. The festival was banned since last few years because of use of children on the animals as jokey. The ban has forced the Arab lovers of animal racing to change the traditional ways of racing.

The camel racing has been popular in all gulf countries since ever. The racing was stopped for some time when the human rights organizations in Dubai started talking against it. Small children were used as jokey in the racing on animals. These things were unacceptable for the entire world.

Due to use of small children in camel race inhumanly, the games were stopped all over the Arab world. However, the games central body in Dubai has made special arrangements to continue the traditional sports. Now the game can be played without use of small children on camels as jokey.

The automated robots are used on the camels instead of the children in camel racing. The government of Dubai has done a remake able job in this regard to make the camel racing legal once again. All over the Arab world it was declared illegal since last few years. Arab people all over the gulf were amused once again with the sport getting legal status.

The animals and their owners have started to reach the biggest desert near Dubai to become part of the racing. A huge number of camels will take part in the racing taking place after a gap of several years. The camel race festival will bring a lot of tourists back into UAE as well.

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