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Rwanda Human massacre in past surprises world

A television documentary about Human massacre in Rwanda after twenty years has surprised entire world. The massacre had left untraceable memories on Rwandan public which they are still not able to forget. Thousands of human skulls and mass graves are discovered by the television channel and shown to the world.

The Rwandan Human massacre has become 20 years old. But still the human history has to see something like that. Human history has not seen anything like that which was seen in Rwanda twenty years ago. Many people in Rwanda still remind tragic memories of past and cry with tears of blood.

Children at that time in Rwanda are now grownup adults. Those who had witnessed the great Rwandan Human massacre with their own eyes are even today not able to get normal. There are many unforgettable memories available to watch everywhere in the country. Many of them were also shown in the TV program as well.

The republic of Rwanda belongs to one of very poor African countries. However, there were many natural resources in Rwandan lands which were having a big attraction for the western countries. The attraction becomes reason of greatest Human massacre in the history of human race. Lives of unlimited innocent people and children were taken.

Until today after twenty year have passed, Rwandan people still awaits justice. However, looking at the poofs found in Rwanda, one can imagine that the just may not be given for ever. It was Human massacre which remain hidden from eyes of entire world for a long time.

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