Restaurant with suspicious activities points out

Restaurant with suspicious activities points out again by Iqrar ul Hassan in the biggest city of Pakistan, Karachi. He is included one of those journalists who always tries to come up with latest issues of Pakistan especially from Karachi City. He has pointed numbers of issues from Karachi regardless what actions are taken against those managements.

Some days before, he indicated one of famous restaurant in which management used to black mail its hosts who lived there for one or two nights. They were badly captured by them as they had tapes of their privacy at night time. After that, they used to threaten them as they would leak it in public place or uploaded those tapes on internet portals.

In return, they demanded for heavy amount so that they would never share their privacy with people. It was really horrible for noble families. According to Iqrar ul Hassan when they raided there they were so powerful and they even dismissed to SHO by using their contacts.

It was really amazing as people who were running suspicious business were more powerful than those who were performing their right duties. According to him, they even had given bribery to all police officers at another police station so that they would never go against them.

This time, Iqrar ul Hassan tried as he would never let them know as they were going to raid at their restaurant. However his team also had erected hidden cameras to check their movements. However, they got successful to know as private channel was coming to them to raid and they emptied everything from the restaurant.

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