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Reckless statement by religious scholar

One of religious scholar got out of his sense and declared some reckless statement which caused to disrespect of all the religion around the world. It was happened in the recent days when that religious scholar was called in some of morning shows. He was not alone but also had one of beautiful queen with him. She is also very renowned actresses now a days and she was also enjoyed the whole situation.

First of all the question is to be asked to all religious scholars as who force to them to go in the morning shows where they have to sit with females. Our religion does not allow to male to mingle with unknown females but our religious scholars do not care of it and are sat there without any problem. Being a Muslim, people face problems when they travel to out of country and non-Muslims ask question about our religious scholar.

All religious scholars are worn at this point as they know very well as their host would definitely have females guests so they must do excuse with them. If it has become necessary to join the party, it is definitely another matter to discuss. However in these meetings, host definitely would not ask such stupid questions which were asked to scholar Qawi by the host.

In this whole incident, host was also equally responsible for the situation as he started to have fun with religious scholar and started to ask some stupid question which did not suit with the personality of religious scholar. According to principles, he should be left the house when the host asked him such vulgar questions from him.

Unfortunately, he became the part of the host and started to response as host was demanding from him. Actually in the TV programs, host tried to slip the guest from his track and then they throw light on that issue without any reason. So same is the case happened with Mufti Qawi and he got notorious in 20 minutes.

So religious scholar was slipped from his track and started driveling in front of live camera. He also shares in the live programs as he likes to sit with the beautiful air-hostesses while his travelling. He also likes to ask beautiful people for prayer for him and much more about it. he was slipped badly and also slipped to all his religious scholar for a while.

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