Reason of Earthquakes by Maulana Tariq Jameel

Maulana Traiq Jameel is very renowned religious scholar around the world. He belongs to Pakistan and very important part of one of neutral religious group. People like to listen him only due to his neutrality as he did not push any other sector in his speeches and like to be lived as brothers.

In one of his lecture, he was delivering about the natural disasters around the world. He also describes about the earthquakes. According to him we as a Muslims have left our religious values. We have started to live in the culture of western people.

He further adds we feel proud to be lived like western people. We have forgotten to read our Holy book. We have started to read other books which are written by non Muslims authors. According to him how these book can be compared with Holy book that has special entity from Allah and Prophet Muhammad.

On the other hand, western people do not follow us. They only follow those things which are advantageous to them. They also ready Quran as they know there is lot more in it. Conversely, we adopt their way of lives. We like to dress like them that is totally shameful for Muslim community.

According to Maulana Tariq Jameel we should not forget our Prophet and Allah. The nation who has such a big leader in the form of Prophet, they have no need to follow anyone around this world. We have such a wonderful Islamic preaching that surpasses all others around the world.

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