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Pet Dog Stuns Australian citizens on beach

Australian citizens were stunned when they saw amazing act of dog when it preferred to save unconscious Alexander Kenney rather than running to inside to alert his family. It was the little Stuffy who tried to save the life of his owner’s child in Australia.  It was the event from New South Wales, Australia where one heroic dog saved the life its owner’s child who was near to drown.

It was found as child was nearly to drown when dog saw him in the one of family friend’s dam. It was the Staffordshire bull terrier, the creed of dog jumped into the water to save the little owner Alexander Kenney. It was too difficult to drag him from out of water. Dog had been wet too much but it ran towards the big owner to alert them about the present condition of their child.

It was also told by David Kenny to the newspaper as it was very difficult and it was what he did not want to see. He further added as it was the mixture of horror, disbelief and grief. According to him, it has no words to describe the whole incident but it was more than blur. He also added the next situation which the whole family faced after getting him from the water.

They all have to wait about 27 minutes and tried to get back their son from the horrible mystery and in the meantime they also waited for paramedics for further treatment. Lisa Brockbank, she was the mom of the victim she was anxiously waiting for the ambulance and she was first one who moved out when she listen the noise of ambulance.

It was very amazing and stunning news for the whole Australian citizens and they were also surprised when they listened about the effort of little dog. Australian citizens also passed comments on it as per the real efforts of their dog. According to them, it was the first effort to save the child otherwise; they had no chance to save their child.

Australian parents also shared their views especially the mom who said as it she had no thinking as it could be her son and she also had believe as it could not happened with them. So she came out to see the helicopter with police who came there for the first aid to their son who was lying on the ground and completely in comatose condition.

Animals helping Humans

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