Pet Animal Attacks Child in Dubai dangrously

In one of Arabian countries, some rich people of Arabs decided to get Aftari in some different way. They arranged one cradle in which all family members including friends sat in that cradle. It was the time of Aftari when they sat in that cradle and they wanted to make history as it was never happened again.

All were very happy about their adventure as no one had done this before in Arab countries. In Arab countries, people want to do something different which had never done before. In other words, they want to get superiority from others who live in their community. In this race of superiority, they often get loss very much


Same is the case happened here when one family with their friends sat in the cradle. They wanted to take it in the height and there they want to open their fasts. It was definitely very peculiar approach which was never listen before. They tied the cradle with heavy crane so that they can pick it up in the air as rich people wanted to do with the cradle.

So, it was very sight for sometimes when they all were up in the air and enjoying while sitting in the cradle. It was hardly about 3 minutes passed when it remained in the air. It was strange as such a heavy crane could not afford the weight of some people sitting in the cradle. After affording the weight of some people, cradle got broke and all people were on the ground.

They even could not fulfill their dreams when they were on the ground. All people were taken to hospital at time for saving their lives. Some other people also got hurt when it hit to ground. People put their maximum efforts to save them all when they were on the ground.

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