PEMRA Warns TV Channel for Morning Show

PEMRA has issued warning and taken strict actions against a private TV Channel for a popular morning show. There was extreme unethical conversation in the morning program about the medical problems of ladies. Anger in public was also noticed because of the program.

There was huge demand by the people in the society to take actions against the TV channel which aired the program. There has been a lot of anger seen in families about the discussion in the morning show. The program host has also received calls with criticism during the live telecast.

It has noticed that every TV channel; in the Pakistani media these day s have become very irresponsible in showing programs. Morning show anchors are asked to do several weird things with guests to attract people towards the program. Doing such things, channels try to get higher ratings in the media. However, instead of getting good ratings, mostly channels are getting bad fame in the fans.

Instead of showing such things in the media, every private TV channel can show educational programs which can guide the young generation. Morning show can also be used for education the public at homes. These programs are watched by millions and can be used to communicate massages.

TV Channel producers and owners should realize their responsibility towards the society. They are equally responsible for education the youth as any other individual in the society. A small contribution by everyone can make a big change in the society. The Morning show hosts should also show a little responsibility towards the society.

Conversation in Morning Show

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