Parents buries their Baby girl alive in India

It is the incident of district Madhya Pradesh of city Burhanpur where parents tried to bury their baby girl alive. However, she was come with good fate as she remained safe from any injury when she was rescued by farmer. That farmer came to his field for work when he got her.

According to farmer, he came in his field for working purpose. He heard some voices of baby who was crying badly. He was badly shocked when he saw as one baby girl was crying in a dig. He at once pick her up from the dig and shifted her in the hospital. females have suffered since Laways in Indian and Hindu culture.


After shifting her, he also called to police and told them the whole incident. Police started to investigate after launching the FRI against unknown persons. Police also asked from the doctors about the baby’s health. Police then remained busy to look out her parents.

The whole news was spread like fire in forest around the whole world. The international organizations of human rights also jumped in this matter. They started to blame to Indian government as they should prevent such cruel incidents from its country.

According to one report, the female ratio in Madhya Pradesh is too much than the males. Every parent wants to have son and when they failed, they take such cruel steps. On the other hand, sitting Chief Minister also promised to all people of Madhya Pradesh as government would equal treat to males and females.

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