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Wired sea creature baffles public on California beach

A weird Sea creature appearing near the California beach has baffled Americans last week. The strange creature washed up on the sea beach in amerce after a massive storm. The news was aired all over country showing pictures of the weird creature. Strange gossips were heard from the people living beside the California beach area. The findings of marine life […]

Female gives punishment to cheater friend

Female gives punishment to her cheater friend in China when she finds him with another female of her age. She loves him very much and also has been with him for months together. She was fully confident on her friendship and also told to their friends about her friendship. Her friends sometimes asked her to be aware from boys but […]

Female finds her cheater friend with another woman

Female finds her cheater friend with another woman of her age in China. She was very possessive with her friend and loved him very much. She could not think about this as both have made some promises with each other for future planning. She was very happy after meeting him in her life. However, it made her upset when she […]

Tusk Hunters becomes biggest problem for wild elephants

Elephant Tusk hunters have become biggest danger for the animals in wildlife forests. Wild elephants are facing inhumanity all over the world by the people who have curse of money. Sometimes examples have seen when animals are treated in worsts ever way to remove their tusks. Especially, Indians are seen doing worst treatment to the wild elephants than rest of […]

Tusk Hunters makes life miserable for wild elephants

Everywhere in the world, tusk hunters have made life of wild elephants miserable. Hundreds and thousands innocent animals become victim of illegal trade of Tusks every year. Trading of elephant tooth has banned all over the world. Especially inhumanity with innocent wildlife has increased in India. However, in some African countries and India, Tusk hunters has seen active despite legal […]

Female entices group exposed in Dubai

Female entices group exposed in Dubai when one of his member took female from Rahim Yar Khan, Pakistan. It was the story of female who was enticed by Shehbaz and his wife who were the residents of Rahim Yar Khan. Shehbaz worked in Dubai with her wife and came in Pakistan in those days. According to interview of female, she […]

Female Maids in Dubai faces serious problems

Female becomes victim in Dubai by some Pakistani people who took her out of country by offering her job of 2000 Dubai Dirham. According to her, she worked in houses when she met with the wife of Shehbaz. She asked her as she could get more money by giving her same services in Dubai. When she insisted her lot of […]

Fish livs without water astonishingly

Some fish lover or aquatic scientists discover species of fish which can crawl on land and live on the earth without water astonishingly. It is definitely invincible which has discovered in Australia. It can also name as super fish or dominating fish as a whole. According to one of famous channel, they describe the feather of new fish which has […]

Fish crawls on earth amazingly Surprises public

It would be very proved as wonderful news for fish lover especially for those who always in this effort to find new species of fish. Fish is found in the vicinity of Australia which can crawl on earth and live without water amazingly. It has created buzz in the whole world especially for aquatic analysts. According to some analysts who […]

College Hostel Students Leaves Ethical bad example

College Students living in a Hotel created a big mess with fellow students while trying to scare her. The entire planning went terribly wrong when their female fellow responded in weird way, it become a very enjoyable situation to watch when all of the,m were running away in different rooms looking for some place to hide form her. In the […]