Non-Serious act of Hostel Students Creates Mess

Some college Students having very non-serious attitude created a big mess in Hostel. Because of their non-serious act, another female student had to suffer badly for sometime. However, later tables were turned and all of them had to face the circumstances. It created a big example for the others as well who do not live in the hostel premises very carefully.

Sometimes parents got confused as where we should rate to technology as what it has role in our overall life. When it talks about the facilities it seems as blessing form the god but when it talks about the other things which leads to our new generation to wrongdoings then it leaves some other remarks in our minds.

Being parents, people have been confused at this track. They are called ill-minded and ill-iterated when they do not provide computer and laptops to their children. On the other hand, when they provide all desired thins to their children.

Parents are again alleged from the society as why they provide them all these facilities at little age. Children get involved in wrong activities when they are left in their rooms alone with laptops. Parents took this understands as they are getting some reasonable knowledge by using their provided laptop.

Unfortunately, they are found busy with girlfriends and boyfriends. They are planning how they would spend their next day at college or school canteen. So, there is a need to focus on children if someone wants to have control on them otherwise nothing is going in parents’ favor.

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