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Nida Yasir shares insane incident

Nida Yasir, a name of morning show and people also like her very much due to her innocent conversation while on the set and off the set. She is very famous in those females who also do not do anything in their homes and like to see morning show all day. The morning show of Nida Yasir is also very famous due to her information which she provides by different experts on different categories.

She often calls to nutritionist who advice people especially to females and most importantly to those who are yet to be married. Those nutritionists definitely shares very wonderful experiences with all of the audience and all for those who are sitting out of the screen and watching in their homes. People also get advantages by those experiences and also thank by calling in the show.

Sometimes Nida Yasir also calls to dietician who shares amazing experiences and give lot of advices to their watchers as how they should be look and how they can fit themselves even drinking and eating a lot. They force on people to walk every day for 30 minutes at least and they should be placed it on their daily routine life if they want to look attractive and healthy.

Nida Yasir, in the given video is talking about the dressing when she was firstly dressed with Saree which is considered cultural dress for celebrities as well as for home girls. At time, people like to wear this dress at large and it was also very costly. Off course it is not very common now a days to wear Saree but still has its attraction among females of current age.

Females still love to wear it as it also need for extra skill to wear it but look very stylish after wearing. Nida Yasir also shares one of her experience when she wore this dress at the age of 18. According to her, she was with her mother in some of Five Star Hotel and she could not maintain her Saree there and she had to leave for bathroom when it was opened.

Nida Yasir further shared as she was not aware of its problems when she wore it. According to her, she went into the bathroom and sent message to her mother by a helping woman in the hotel. Her mother came to her in the bathroom and again dressed her as it should be.

Nida Yasir’s Saree¬†

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