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Muslim In India Gets Inhuman Treatment

This amazing reaction of a cow surprised London citizens when they saw this video on internet. It was really awesome video in which one cow is attacking on man and saves one woman. It was so strange as cow was on the man and woman but woman did not hurt at all by the foot of cow. The citizens of London got surprised and astonished when they saw the video clip.

Actually the whole incident was captured by CCTV camera when cow attacked on man who was mishandling with female. It was so nice and amazing response of the cow which was never reported again in the whole world. London citizens were also so amazed and shocked as how one cow can behave like human beings or any other sensible animal.


It was not fault of London Citizens. Actually when we go through the animal behavior studies, it comes to know as there are some animals that have tendencies to learn from humans than other ones. Talking about the animals elephant and bear these are the animals that we see in our daily routine life. These animals are used in circuses and for some other purposes. However, she kept save even cow was at her during attack.

Man was fled after getting direct hit from the cow, and then people rushed towards the female to rescue her. London Citizens were also astonished by the sensible attack of cow.Some people also put the lions in their houses that can afford them but tames ones. Some people get their livelihood by taming the monkeys but it was done decades before at large level.

Even London Citizens also have seen dogs to their London Police for spying purposes and to pick out the culprits from their houses. Going back to the original case, people in London definitely shared their views on internet where they saw this video clip and they yet have doubt on this whole clip. They also have thinking about this clip as it is made and not the real one.

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