Muhammad Aamir And Nargis Walima Ceremony

Famous cricketer Muhammad Amir’s walima ceremony held in Lahore on Wednesday. The twenty four years old Amir got married with Pakistan born British girl named, Narjis. All the events were organized in good manners. The fast bowler has started his new innings of life with his beloved wife Narjis.

Amir had his nikkah ceremony two years ago. His wife Narjis is a British Pakistani. She is advocate by profession. She is a huge fan of cricket and used to follow all the Pakistani matches. It is a love marriage. They met in a family function six years ago in London. According to the fast bowler, their families didn’t make any kind of mess but they encouraged them. They got married with their families’ approval.

Aamir told while talking to the media that his half better stood with him through thick and thin. They got Nikkah during the banned period for the international cricket. She supported him whenever he faced the hard time. Although his wife is few years older than Amir but age factor did not matter in their case.

The mehndi function took place on Monday night at farm house. Bride wear white and pink frock. They invited their friends and family members. It was an organized event with lots of fun. Barat ceremony held on Tuesday. Nargis wear the red dress on her barat. On walima ceremony Muhammad Amir was looking stunning in blue suite while Narjis  was cherishing in sea green gown.

On the walima ceremony, prominent personalities were invited including cricketers, politicians, actors, singers etc. Misbah ul Haq, Azhar Ali, Akmal brothers, Ahmad Shehzad and many other cricketers come and joined the ceremony. After the lavish dinner, ceremony ended. Amir did not invite Salman But and Muhammad Asif.

The very next day of the walima ceremony Amir went to the UAE along with his wife where he joined the Pakistan cricket team. Pakistan has to play against West Indies T20s series. Amir told in an interview that national duty is the first priority for him. That’s why instead of honeymoon he preferred to join the Pakistan cricket team.

Muhammad Aamir And Nargis Walima Ceremony

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