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Motorbike Stunts Failure becomes Tragedy for Couple

A couple in Karachi has once again become victim of Motorbike Stunts Horribly. The incident took place when a young girl was performing at a public show on the motorbike. However, there was no serious damage done in the incident. The stuntman survived unhurt.

Such types of motorbike stunts are very popular in the public of Karachi. The stuntman prepares for such dangerous performance after a lot of practice. These things have arrived in Pakistan watching the English movies in media. Mostly English movies are packed these days with similar type of stuff.

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Not only have the English movies promoted the Motorbike stunts in the society. The negligence of the elders in the society has also become very much responsible for the destruction. Every youngster these days wants to become a stuntman. In effort to become a hero, youngsters mostly give a big loss to themselves. Traffic authorities are also helpless to control these things on the roads.

The Motorbike stunts have become a big and horrible problem of the young generation these days. The young generation in Pakistan becoming stuntman gives loss to people as well. Some times more people suffer badly in these incidents. The hospitals are packed with victims of such incidents. The parents in the end blame other drivers on the roads for these problems. They do not control their children

For the sake of the young generation the fever of becoming stuntman must be taken off their minds. Otherwise there will be a big loss for everyone. The Motorbike stunts have done a lot of damage already in the society.

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