Mother shows cruelty to her child

Mother shows cruelty to her child in the given video. Mother is bathing to her son but in very different and cruel way. She was laughing while bathing him but he was weeping loudly as somebody needed for help. Unfortunately, she was rotating him with full power and not thinking about his present condition.

She held him from his hands and started to dip in the water tub. She also hanged him as his head was down and legs were up. It was very unique cruel way of any mother to her son which was seen ever by the people. She did not only do this but also uploaded the video on multiple internet channels.

People were started to watch it and it got too many views in few hours. People also left many comments regarding this video and the behavior of mother which she did with her son. It was amazingly dreadful and horrible for the child which seemed dead in the end.

Firstly, he was weeping loudly but in the last 4-5 seconds he remained calm and silent. She even did not stop to rotate him. Somebody named it as publicity stunt and just to make viral her video in the whole world. In this way, she made lot of money by her youtube channel.

There are also some other people who get emotional but when they hear about money-making trick, they also condemned her and her way to make money. Actually now a days, people introduce latest way to earn money and it was very wonderful idea of her to have money in her youtube channel.

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