Moment Delta Air Lines pilot locked out of cockpit revealed

Airplanes collide with each other when both were showing some tricks to people on one of special day. There were many people there who were applauding to both pilots while seeing their different tricks. Actually it was the Italian Air Show in which numbers of skilled pilots were come and were going to show their expertise in the air. It was somewhat their national day due to which many people were come there to see it.

Both pilots were showing different tricks and sometimes they got very close to each other during the flight. Both come down near to ground and again went away from the ground and showed their expertise to public who were there to see them. According to reports, there were also many officials of different air companies there who had come to select pilot one of both.

Pilots were also known to it due to which they were trying to show something extra so that they could get wonderful job with extra facilities package. They both started to touch their skill and expertise as they were not going down on earth. Both were swirling their jets at maximum level and both were trying to show it as he was the best in the rest of the world.

They also got message from control centre to come down as there were also many other jets who were waiting for their turn. However, they were not ready to come down and showing different unbelievable tricks. On the other hand, public was also enjoying as they were not getting bored. During the showing different tricks, both planes were struck each other unfortunately.

According to investigation agency, it was the fault of the first one that was leading to previous airplane. It got slow and wanted to turn back but the later was also coming back to it. It could not get control on it and struck with the airplane and both were smashed badly. The whole enjoyment was disturbed with this big incident which was happened in the mid sea near to airport.

Airplanes Collides While Lading 

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