Man Risks life in Wildlife Park

Everybody knows very well about the mischievous behavior of Monkey in wildlife as it always behaves with its own community and other animals. It seldom sees in the calm condition otherwise finds busy to tease some other animals either in forest or in its cage.

When some people did research on it, they found as it also has ability to understand the signs and words like human beings. There is another form of monkey named gorilla, when one man did research on it, he said it can understand about 1,000 signs.

It did not stop over it but also has the ability to get about 2000 words. It was the Jane Goodall who did all experiments on different primates in the era of 1960s. They were about 4 animals who were under consideration named orangutans, monkeys, apes and chimpanzees.

They further told as the IQ level of normal human is about 100 and when they tested the IQ level of gorilla, it was 70-95 which was amazing. Talking about gorilla, it can have ability to initiate the conversation with human at certain level with sings.

In the given video you can see how one monkey is making fool to tiger and it forces him to climb up the tree. Monkey trapped him badly as tiger fell from the tree while chasing to monkey but could not had grip on Monkey. Tiger climbed up but could not get the monkey and had to fall down badly. It was worst ever fight witnessed in wildlife Park.

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