Man loses his life by hitting train

Man loses his own life by hitting to train in India when he was waiting for locomotive at platform. He looked very anxious from his face when he was on the platform and watching towards locomotive again and again. It looked as he was in hurry to do something very soon.

When some people asked him about his problem he did not say anything and said as everything was fine. According to report, he was upset from his family problems which were increasing day by day. He also tried to finish but he got failed and decided to take his life by his own.

According to reports, he was depressed by his wife’s behavior towards him. He had love marriage but could not have as well relation as he expected from his wife. She belonged to rich family and he was not so well so he decided to finish his life after a big strike with his wife.

It was all learnt by police when they reached at his home with his dead body. His dead body was received by his mother and brothers who were losing their sense due to grief. Coming back to story, he was watching for train repeatedly so that he could finish his life.

When train reached at platform he did not see anything and jumped before train and finished his life in second. People who were gathered at platform they started to run here and there but all were in vain. His life was over and he had been divided into two parts.

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