Man escapes certain incident in Sharjah

An Asian driver travelling on Emirates road between Sharjah and Dubai escaped a horrible incident from his car. He was driving his car at a miraculous speed towards Dubai. The car suddenly picked up fire.

Motorists travelling on the highway stopped to see the white vehicle burning in flames in the middle of the road opposite to the Ansar Mall area. These days heat comes at its peak in the emirates of Sharjah and UAE. Motorists around the country drive their cars at miraculous speed always. Many accidents take place on the roads between the vehicles. Due to extreme speed many motorists suffer serious injuries and many lose the race of their life.

This particular motorist was also driving his car at very high speed in a hurry to reach Dubai. As soon he reached near the exit of Sharjah, his car picked up fire due to some technical problem. The driver felling the trouble in his car pulled down his car to the side lane. By that time, flames had started coming out of the engine of the car.

Someone informed the Sharjah civil defense about the incident. The fire fighter trucks reached on the site within no minutes. Police stopped the rod towards Dubai for the safety of the other motorists.

Later the car was sent to the forensic lab to distinguish the cause of fire in it. Police in UAE once again urged the motorists to carry the fire extinguishers in their cars for their own safety. They were also advised by the Sharjah and Dubai police to maintain their cars properly to avoid such incidents.


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