London: Lady Surprised Everyone in London Hospital

London: Many people make world record with their own efforts, with the help of their skills and hard work but there are some who make world records with the assistance of nature. This lady gave birth to elven babies in a hospital in London.

Different people amaze the world in different ways but giving birth to more than two children at the same time is something really rare in this world especially in London. But here is the surprising news as this lady gave birth to eleven kids at the same time in a London hospital and it is a world record.

The life of the mother usually goes on the line whenever there are twins coming in this world. But giving birth to eleven children is something no one can imagine no matter it happens in London or somewhere else.

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However, this lady in London grabbed attention of the world by surprising them in a completely innovative and different manner. No doubt it was all about nature and humans cannot have a control over such things but this incident made the world surprised and also happy at the same time.

This female will be remembered as one of the most healthy and extraordinary ladies who have not only gave birth to eleven children but also survived such an extraordinary incident in London.