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Lahore Metro Bus footage becomes viral on internet

The footage of the Lahore metro bus incident has been viral on the social media since then. Many people would have has seen men misbehaving with females in the metro. However, no one would have seen a man getting such treatment by women in the metro. The incident has taken place last week.

There has been always a concern of people on travelling in the Lahore metro. When the project was announced by the government, people were very happy. In the early days of the project there was a lot of travelling on the metro. However, with time, the travelling on the metro has decreased.

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The Lahore metro bus project has turned out being a big loss for the provincial government. The government has to spend millions every month to keep the metro running. Mostly people who have no means of travelling other than metro use it. Otherwise people prefer other modes of traveling. Public was not happy on the project because a lot of properties in Lahore were also lost in the project.

The properties of people were taken using every possible mode by the government. In the simple words, the Lahore metro bus project was completed over the dreams of several. Punjab government has started another similar project with the name of metro train.

There has been a lot of anger in the public against the metro train as well. The train project has also ruined the properties of many people in Lahore. Not only the public properties but several historical places are also sacrificed to complete the Lahore metro bus and train project.

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