Lady gets unethical treatment at American airport

An American lady has complained about unethical treatment with her at an American airport. The lady was mistreated by security officials at an airport in America while search. Searching the body of lady, the male security officials tried to cross limits unethically. The shameful act of the security officers was condemn able by everyone.

Almost every American airport travelers have also complained in similar manner about security officers. Security officers in America are given free hand by the government to deal with the air travelers. Such powers are given to eliminate the recent dangers of extremist acts all over the world. Extremist acts all over the world have increased dramatically in last few years.

Bad public dealing on every American airport these days has made several problems as well. Public in America has also shown some serious concerns on the bad show of public dealing by the security officials. If such things continue for long, the air travelling business will suffer a lot on American airports.

Already America has been facing a lot of criticism all over the world for increasing number of human rights violations. The acts on every American airport will increase the public anger also. The American government will have to look into the matter very seriously and urgently.

The shameful act with the student was also highlighted in media in America also. Media has also heavily criticized the shameful behavior of the security officials. Such things by security officers on any American airport cannot continue for a long time.

American Student

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